Plenary Council 2021: The final steps to the October 2021 meeting

A group of parishes from Melbourne and beyond are sponsoring this website to:

•  facilitate discussions between parishes in Australia on the key issues facing the Church, and

•  articulate and promote via a consultative process a shared view across parishes, to the extent to which such a shared view exists.

We invite all involved in the life of the Church, in their parish or in other ways, to join in a conversation to contribute to effective change.

The working document (Instrumentum Laboris, available here) for the Plenary Council was released on 25 February 2021. This draws upon the six Writing Group reports (available here). It is intended to provide the basis for setting the agenda for the first meeting of the Council in October 2021, and to help shape discussion at that meeting. ​As we approach the Council, it is vital that the evolving views of the faithful in the parishes, arising from their ongoing discernment, be fed into this process. Expression of these views is actively welcomed by the Plenary Council Secretariat.

This website has been reshaped to encourage expression of these views, and to provide a blog function to facilitate discussion about them. At the present time we particularly seek contributions in five areas:

  The Instrumentation Laboris and the related issue of the priority agenda items for the Council

  The role of women in the Church

  The revitalisation of parishes

  Learning from, and building closer links with, our Indigenous peoples, and

  Caring for our common home, the Earth.

This list is not meant as restrictive, and contributions on other important matters are welcome. For information about the submission process and other guidelines see How to contribute. We seek contributions from all points of view. For any issues arising, please contact us, or email us on this address

The role of women

A Mother’s Love

Geralyn Anderson, a parishioner of St Thomas the Apostle, Blackburn. July 2020.

Walking the talk on the role of women

Nalis Miranda, St Joseph’s Malvern, June 2020

Revitalising Parishes

St Bernard's neighbourhood meals

Len Monk, St Bernard’s Parish, Belmont, Vic, August 2020

A few thoughts on parish renewal

Vin Underwood, St James Parish, North Brighton, June 2020

Indigenous People
The Instrumentum Laboris

Continuing the Journey

Instrumentum Laboris (Working Document) for the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia

Towards the Plenary Council Working Document: Some Reflections

Sense of the Faithful Editorial Committee, September 2020

Protecting the Earth

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