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Vale Therese D’Orsa and Bob Maguire

In recent months the Australian Church has lost two of its finest servants: Emeritus Professor Therese D’Orsa and Father Bob Maguire. Therese was an educator and a theologian of mission, stressing that the mission of Jesus, which we all share, is to go out and build the Kingdom of God in the here and now, where the need is greatest. Bob Maguire devoted his life to that mission, serving the poor and the needy in a most remarkable fashion. He was widely recognised by all Australians, but especially by the poor in Melbourne, for that life of service.

Here we publish three articles by way of tribute to these great Australians. The first is an appreciation of Therese by fellow Sense of the Faithful Editorial Committee member Rowan Ireland. The second is the homily delivered at Bob’s funeral by Archbishop Mark Coleridge. Finally, we have great pleasure in publishing the last article that Therese prepared for SOF in the months before her death.

— 15 June 2023

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