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Plenary Council

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Where is the Australian Church heading after the Plenary Council, and how does this fit with processes of change in the global Church?

A group of parishes from Melbourne and beyond set up this website to:

  • facilitate discussions between parishes in Australia on the key issues facing the Church, and

  • articulate and promote via a consultative process a shared view across parishes, to the extent to which such a shared view exists.

We invite all involved in the life of the Church, in their parish or in other ways, to join in a conversation to contribute to effective change.

We want to use the website to host discussions about issues related to the implementation of decisions made at the Plenary Council, and about global processes such as the Synod of Bishops. We are keen to hear about your take on changes taking place in your parish or diocese and more generally in the Church in Australia.

In developing this website to address processes of change after the Plenary Council, we intend to focus on:

1. The interpretation of what transpired at the Plenary Council.

2. Implementation issues:

  • What is happening in dioceses and parishes?

  • Action to improve the position of Indigenous Australians

  • The follow-up of decisions about climate change and Laudato Si’

  • Real change in the position of women in the Church

  • Supporting the excluded, such as the LGBTIQA+.

3. Emerging global processes of synodality and change.


Contributions on these and other issues are welcome. For information about the submission process and other guidelines see How to contribute. We seek contributions from all points
of view.

For any issues arising, please contact us, or email us on this address

Let us know if you would like to be informed of new material added

Thank you

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